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Available Homes

Each home in this exclusive collection is unique, designed carefully for each specific lot in Senderos. Each design carefully considers terrain, climate, the environment and adjacent properties. Clients choosing to purchase a lot and home in the collection will get the premium process, service and final guaranteed price and delivery date working with Senderos Homebuilding. Once complete, Senderos Collection Homes can be automatically enrolled in the Senderos Home Maintenance Service and Senderos Rental Management Platform.

Due to changes in exchange rates, prices for homes may change. Please contact our sales team for latest pricing.

USD $2,795,000

Finished Home

Lot Size 1,393.5 M2 / 15,000 F2

USD $2,550,000

Permits Ready to Build

Lot Size 1,540.61 m2 / 16,583 f2

USD $5,450,000

Lot Size 1,455.87 m2 /15,670.85 F2

USD $4,150,000

Lot Size 1,493.75 m2 / 16,078.59 f2

USD $3,950,000

Lot Size 1,410.16 m2 / 15,178.38 f2

Inquire for Pricing

Lot Size 3,851.37 M2 / 41,455.80 F2

Inquire for Pricing

Lot Size 1,897.22 M2 / 20,421.50 F2

Inquire for Pricing

Lot Size 1,382.62 M2 / 14,882.39 f2

USD $1,900,000

Lot Size 1,649.17 m2 / 17,751.51 f2

USD $2,750,000

Lot Size 1,313.09 M2 / 14,133.98 F2

USD $3,100,000

Lot Size 1,289.46 m2 / 13,879.63 f2

USD $5,990,000

Lot Size 1,753 m2 / 18,869 f2

USD $6,450,000

Lot Size 1,797.5 M2 / 19,348 F2


Lot Size 1,461.17 M2 / 15,728 F2


Lot Size 1,260.92 M2 / 13,572 F2

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