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Building Health and Wellness Into Your Dream Home

When you’re living in the city, finding the place and the time to work towards better health, wellness, and fitness can seem increasingly difficult as the years go on. Life is busy, and it will only get busier and more distracting with each passing year. We know because we’ve been there.

We’ve been there when it seems like every single step of the way to finding your rhythm and routine will only get more crowded — whether that’s the roads and transport on the way there, the gyms and studios you’re visiting, even the apartments and neighborhoods where you’d be able to find those moments of peace before. 

Moving to Tamarindo won’t suddenly make you want to work out if that’s not your thing, and it won’t make you fit without hard work and exercise. But one thing that everyone who moves here discovers is that all of a sudden, you have a lot more space to breathe, a lot more time to focus on your physical health and wellbeing, and a lot more outdoor activities here that either make training fun or give you an outlet to push yourself to the limit. 

At Senderos, our purpose is creating dream homes, and custom-built designs that are perfectly tailored to your needs, your specifications, and your wishlist. If your search for physical health and fitness (with all their myriad benefits), has brought you to start thinking about life here in Guanacaste, we wanted to take a moment to dive a little deeper into how you can turn your home into a haven for your health and wellbeing. 

The Naturally Fit Way of Life in Tamarindo

Tamarindo grew to what it is today thanks to its world-renowned reputation as a surf spot, and if you’re searching for a home base to refine the art of catching waves, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better destination, with dozens of breaks within a day’s drive including world-renowned spots like Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point. 

But to shoehorn Tamarindo as just a surf destination leaves out the countless other ways to be active in Guanacaste. The topography is mountainous and rugged, with numerous trails suited to everything from a rigorous walk with the dog to hiking, trail running, and mountain biking. 

Right within Tama, you can find courts and community for everything from pickleball and tennis to futbol and golf, there are traditional gyms and CrossFit-style training, and maybe even more important, there’s a fierce mentality to the athletes in Guanacaste. 

You can always find someone willing to push hard and someone else willing to push harder, you can always pick up a group for a new challenge or tournament or a pickup game, and part of that is thanks to the innate reward of pushing yourself while you’re here. 

The best viewpoints, the most beautiful beaches, gorgeous hidden valleys, and secluded spots — they’re all earned here, whether that means hiking up to the very peak of a mountain to watch the sunset, swimming to an island beach that only reveals itself at low tide, or making the trek through winding trails to a clearing overlooking the water. 

There’s a reason elite athletes come from here, and other elite athletes come to train here. You can push yourself as hard as you want against the Guanacaste terrain, and it will always have a new challenge when you complete an old one. 

That’s not to say that every Guanacastecan athlete is an insane workaholic. But whatever your current level, and whatever level you want to rise to, you will find Guanacaste and its people willing partners to train. 

And also to support every aspect of life that feeds into physical health. Tamarindo isn’t just a home for outdoor sports, it’s got a thriving culture for holistic wellness, whether that’s with your diet, your recovery, your sleep, or in the pursuit of a chosen practice. 

Fresh ingredients are grown, harvested, raised, and caught within mere miles of the town center, by local farmers and producers who understand the need for highly organic and specialized ingredients. You have access to a wellness and recovery culture, between cutting-edge spa treatments, organic supplements, yoga, and other practices, and every month there are more options. 

Once you take into account the far less stressful way of life, and the time to actually make use of all of these activities, communities, and support systems, you see why so many people see improvements in their physical and mental health as soon as they move to Tamarindo. 

And if you move here with intention, and design your home accordingly, the difference can be night and day.

Creating The Perfect Home to Enhance Your Health

Featuring everything from infinity-edge lap pools to rooftop yoga studios, these three selections from the Senderos Collection are fully customizable dream homes that offer home fitness and health features woven seamlessly into striking, natural modern designs and luxurious finishes.

Ridgeline Stunner is a gorgeous 5 bedroom designed by master architect Richard Hammond with a long infinity pool for recovery swimming and a full gym on the lower level for all of your strength, fitness, and mobility needs.

But why stop there? Some suggested upgrades from our team include the dueling hot and cold of a jacuzzi with therapeutic jets and a cold plunge, and even adding warm-weather ice skating with the revolutionary Glice technology. 

[Explore Everything Ridgeline Stunner Has to Offer Right Here]

Ocean View Estate lies on the biggest homesite in Senderos, giving designer Richard Muller plenty of room to create this 7-bedroom masterpiece. 

As laid out, Ocean View Estate features a fully sized 15M Lap pool with an ocean view infinity edge, as well as a covered indoor-outdoor spin/yoga studio. 

But the vertical and horizontal space of this lot makes the imagination wander — an indoor climbing wall with infinite variations, a virtual driving range, or a personal sauna are just a few of our team’s ideas for upgrades to this gorgeous home.

[Indulge Yourself with a Glance Through Ocean View Estate Right Here]

The appropriately named Skyegarden is perched on the highest level of the Senderos mountainside and features jaw-dropping views from both the lap-length infinity pool as well as the home’s custom top-floor yoga and fitness studio. 

But improving your home health and fitness experience isn’t just about spaces and equipment. Skyegarden is the perfect canvas to add health upgrades that improve every moment in your home. 

Maybe add a filtration system that can clean the water to ultra-pure levels and add back minerals, or an air purification system more advanced than some hospitals, and a fully responsive natural lighting and blackout setup for the bedroom. Whatever your specifications, our team can add the technology and the upgrades.

[Discover Skyegarden and All It Can Be Right Here]

Building Your Happy (and Healthy) Place

Tamarindo and the surrounding region of Guanacaste are a fantastic place to go if you’re looking to get back in touch with your health and wellness routine, if you’re aiming to build a new one from scratch, and especially if you’re looking to elevate your training and fitness to another level without sacrificing sleep, family time, or anything else in your life. 

These designs are just a starting point. From ground floor to rooftop, each home in the Senderos Collection is fully customizable to your specific needs, and our architects and design team are always ready to tackle the challenge of creating your dream home. 

If that looks like having spaces for warmup, recovery, rest, and exercise, our design team can deliver top quality even on a small footprint. And if that looks like building health into the very walls, windows, and climate control of the home, we have the technology to make it possible. 

And when you’re ready to finish imagining and start planning your dream home in paradise, you can reach out to us directly at the link below. 

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